Sunday, July 06, 2008

An email from India

Today, I received an email from a film maker from India. I am happy that able to know people from other country through my works. Especially, India is a very fascinating country with many years of history and culture, I am always interested to visit and to photograph---

Halo Jimmy,

How are you doing?? My name is Srelakshme Nair. I'm a filmmaker from Kerala, India. My fascination or research into Kabuki classical theatre dance landed me in Nakamura Shidou's sites and finally into yours. Thought the way I bumped into your site was little twisted I'm glad I came across it. The way you use shadows or rather say, the way the shadows are a character in your photographs along with the models or main focus is really worth mentioning.

Take care. Bye.

Srelakshme Nair.