Sunday, July 06, 2008

An email from India

Today, I received an email from a film maker from India. I am happy that able to know people from other country through my works. Especially, India is a very fascinating country with many years of history and culture, I am always interested to visit and to photograph---

Halo Jimmy,

How are you doing?? My name is Srelakshme Nair. I'm a filmmaker from Kerala, India. My fascination or research into Kabuki classical theatre dance landed me in Nakamura Shidou's sites and finally into yours. Thought the way I bumped into your site was little twisted I'm glad I came across it. The way you use shadows or rather say, the way the shadows are a character in your photographs along with the models or main focus is really worth mentioning.

Take care. Bye.

Srelakshme Nair.


dl said...

Dear Jimmmy,
Thanks for sending me yours for developing my view. I'm one of your students in OUHK fashion photography. I like your photos of the local pops which were of natural and pleasant mood. I guessed you used 35 mm digital instead of using your 8x10 tool.

Danny LAU

Jimmy Ming Shum said...

Hi How are you!

Theresa's book I use digital and 120 film, Hotcha's book, is digital, JJ's are all shot by 120 film .

Are you still taking photo?

Thanks for your email!