Saturday, August 02, 2008

JJ Fatumai photo book by Jimmy Ming Shum

JJ x Joel Chung x Jimmy Ming Shum

On sale from 3rd August (available in PageOne and Basheer bookstore later)

JJ Fatumai Iは中国山東省の済南市出身の新人女性シンガー。



JJ Fatumai is a young singer born in Jinan City located in the Shangdong province in China. Her parents belong to the Hui people, a Chinese ethnic group distinguished by their practice of Islam.

Since about 10 years ago, China is drastically developing and changing. It has been opening doors to foreign cultures and ideas which are allowing its people to have more freedom to go after their dreams as they are realizing vast opportunities which they have never known before.

This book is not merely a photobook of a Chinese pop singer. It is also a rare documentary of her home city Jinan and China.

Through this book, people can have a glance of JJ's life as well as getting a chance to view the face of the society and people of the morphing China.

Jimmy Ming Shum